Hit-and-run stemming from road rage inflicts serious injuries

There are many reasons that car accidents occur. While some are unavoidable, in other cases, things could be done to prevent them. Instances of road rage fall into the latter group. Accidents that are a result of this are particularly frustrating. This is especially true when someone is injured as a result.

The family of a 32-year-old man is experiencing this first hand. The man was injured when he was hit as two other drivers engaged in a road rage incident at a high speed on Palmetto, late last week. The man was reportedly on the way to pick up his son after work when he was hit from behind.

The man driving the vehicle that hit the 32-year-old father was chasing another vehicle, driving over 100 miles per hour down the road. Earlier he had flashed a gun at the driver in the vehicle he was chasing and the driver of that vehicle was trying to get away. At the time of the chase, the man at whom the gun was brandished was on the phone with the Highway Patrol.

The father sustained serious injuries in the crash and was listed in critical condition. As a result of the incident he underwent surgeries to both his head and his face.

The man who hit the father was arrested and has been changed with a series of crimes including hit and run with injuries, displaying a firearm, DUI, resisting arrest and criminal mischief. Bond has been set at $38,000 and he is being held on an immigration hold.

Source: WSVN, “Road rage, hit-and-run victim’s family speaks,” Nov. 28, 2011