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Birth Injury Lawyers Fort Lauderdale, FL

After the excitement and anticipation of having a child, the last thing you want to research is a birth injury lawyer birth injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale FLFort Lauderdale FL parents can trust. When misfortune hits and your newly born child suffered a birth injury, you may start to question how this happened or begin worrying about the future.
In many cases, the birth injury could have been prevented either before, during, or after the delivery. At Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. we work alongside medical experts and experienced physicians that are able to assess the medical conditions of your case in order to support your claim.
Types of Newborn Birth Injuries
A knowledgeable birth injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL residents can depend on may suggest there are three common categories of birth injuries: traumatic birth injuries, premature birth injuries, and fetal oxygen deprivation.
  • Traumatic Birth Injuries: Sadly, this occurs to infants during the delivery process and is the result of mechanical forces, such as compression or traction. Vulnerable areas such as the brain, spine, nerves, and bones can be injured, resulting in traumatic birth injuries. During childbirth, the position and size of the infant can cause complications. If the doctors and medical team do not act appropriately, extreme injury can be done to the baby. If you believe that your doctor was negligent during the delivery, then you may want to seek legal guidance from a birth injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale FL from Needle & Ellenberg, P.A.
  • Premature Birth Injuries: If a baby is born preterm, it could lead to serious injuries. A birth injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL citizens confide in may inform you that doctors have the responsibility of identifying factors that put the mother at risk of having a preterm pregnancy. The doctor should implement preventative strategies to keep this from occurring. Furthermore, if preterm pregnancy is imminent, the doctor should be prepared with medical strategies to help the infant’s lungs mature and protect the brain.
  • Fetal Oxygen Deprivation: Another term for this injury is hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy and occurs when the infant receives insufficient oxygen during the time of delivery. It can lead to a dangerous brain injury and is typically preventable. A seasoned birth injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL provides may advise you that the injury is often times the result of doctors and medical staff failing to notice and address fetal distress.
A Fort Lauderdale birth injury lawyer may advise you that these are only a few of the injuries that an infant can experience during labor. The mother may also be at risk of receiving harm if something goes wrong or if the medical team is negligent.
Getting Help
If you are facing hardships due to a birth-related injury, allow the trusted attorneys at Needle & Ellenberg, P.A to manage the legal aspects of your case. There is nothing that can atone having an unhealthy baby, but a knowledgeable birth injury lawyer may help ease some of the burden by offering legal advice and helping to obtain compensation for the harm done and help financially for the future and medical expenses.
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Birth Injury Lawyers Fort Lauderdale, FL