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Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL

Personal Injury Lawyer Florida

Someone searching for a top personal injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL has to offer might already know that it can be difficult to make a successful injury claim. While some accidents are open-and-shut cases that can be filed quickly, other incidents do not proceed quite so smoothly. For this reason, injured claimants may choose to contact a trusted personal injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL residents recommend.

At Needle & Ellenberg, P.A., it’s important to us that we provide excellent legal counsel to our clients, especially for the most difficult injury cases. When we provide you with a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale FL, our legal team will work hard to protect your rights. Although it’s wise to keep in mind that every case will be different, there are a few ways that an injured claimant may be able to help themselves before any legal processes even begin:

  1. Collect (and preserve) evidence. It’s essential to acknowledge that memories of an accident — especially traumatic accidents like car crashes — can become warped as time passes. Relying solely on your memory to recount the details of an accident can produce inaccurate details. A good way to collect evidence is to take pictures. If this is not possible, a personal injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL can provide might suggest writing down notes immediately after the incident.
  2. Obtain medical evaluations after the accident. Another important detail in a successful injury claim is proof that the claimant was injured substantially enough to require medical attention. An initial diagnosis or examination may also be significant if an injury develops over a period of time. This documentation can provide essential evidence about the severity of the injury and the costs of treating it — two details that can have a big impact on an injury settlement. When you hire a personal injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL victims recommend, they will need copies of your medical paperwork to help them build your case.
  3. Find out which damages you may be able to claim. Direct costs of treating the injury are only the beginning for some injury settlements. Other types of damages may include compensation for lost wages, lost companionship, disability, and/or general pain and suffering. For assistance determining which damages you might be able to claim, it can be helpful to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale FL about your case.
  4. Organize your documentation. For effective presentation of your case, the Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer you choose will need to have access to your medical records, etc. If you provide it them in an organized fashion, they can focus their time and effort on building your case. Avoid handwriting notes and instead, type them on a computer and print them out. Organize receipts by date, and paperclip rather than staple them together.
How a Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL Turns to Can Help You

After an accident, when it becomes clear that your injury is serious enough to warrant filing a claim or a lawsuit, you may choose to hire a personal injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL offers. There are many reasons why most injury victims don’t pursue legal action on their own. Here are some of the biggest benefits that a skilled personal injury lawyer brings to the table:

  1. They can provide highly respected medical experts as witnesses. When you hire a personal injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL victims turn to at Needle & Ellenberg, P.A., we may call on our network of medical experts as needed to support your case. This is especially important in personal injury cases when the success of a lawsuit or claim hinges on proving the validity and seriousness of your injury. Don’t take chances by representing yourself at trial.
  2. They understand personal injury law. Years of law school and real world experience matter a great deal in the courtroom. A personal injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL residents turn to can navigate the complex and often frustrating legal requirements on your behalf. This offers you the opportunity to focus on healing rather than pursuing your case. Having an attorney represent you also reduces the likelihood that your case is thrown out of court.
  3. They may negotiate a settlement that will provide you the opportunity to avoid a lengthy trial. Your case may end up in a courtroom regardless, but if it can be avoided, most personal injury victims prefer to receive a settlement. This is because trials can take a long time to resolve. And in the process, it can be frustrating and very stressful. In the end, after court costs, lawyers’ fees, and time taken off from work, a personal injury victim may receive more compensation from a settlement than from a jury award. A skilled personal injury attorney from Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. may negotiate a settlement that is fair. In most situations, the negotiation process is completed in a much faster time period than the average trial. After a review of your case, your attorney can provide an estimate of how long a trial may take.
Contact a Local Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL Residents Depend On

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident, it might be wise to speak with a local Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer about filing a claim or a lawsuit. When an accident results in a severe injury, it can be very costly and time-consuming for the injured victim. Obtaining financial damages through a settlement can be very helpful for the victim (and for his/her family, too) to get through the healing process.

At Needle & Ellenberg, P.A., we provide exemplary legal counsel to clients who have sustained injuries. We are happy to set up case evaluations with each prospective client — free of charge — in order to determine how a settlement may be attained. For more information about our firm, or to set up your own case evaluation with a personal injury lawyer Fort Lauderdale FL trusts, contact us today.


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