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Medical Malpractice Law Firm Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Medical Malpractice Law Firm Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Common Myths About Medical Malpractice

While the majority of doctors and other medical professionals are competent and responsible, they can still make medical errors that injure their patients. Individuals who have sustained injuries while under a doctor’s care have the right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit to obtain financial compensation for their losses. While medical practices cases are one of the most common types of personal injury lawsuits, there are still many misconceptions floating around. 

Here are some common myths about medical malpractice. If you have further questions about medical malpractice, call our medical malpractice law firm Fort Lauderdale, Florida families have trusted for years. 

Most Medical Malpractice Cases Are Frivolous

It’s a common misconception that the majority of people filing medical malpractice lawsuits are exaggerating their injuries. While there are some people who may try to file frivolous lawsuits, most medical malpractice lawsuits are merit based. The people filing them did indeed get seriously injured under a doctor’s care and are just seeking compensation for their losses.

Medical Malpractice Cases Require You to Be Injured to Sue

While many medical malpractice lawsuits result from a patient getting physically injured while under a doctor’s care, that isn’t the only way to sue for negligence. Other medical malpractice cases result from failure to administer proper medication, misdiagnosis, and failure to warn patients about the potential risks of a procedure. If you don’t know whether or not you have a case, call a medical malpractice lawyer Fort Lauderdale, Florida has to offer. 

Medical Malpractice Victories Result in Big Payouts

Just because you win a medical malpractice lawsuit, doesn’t mean that you will receive millions of dollars. In fact, the majority of medical malpractice victims are only compensated for their medical bills. Our medical malpractice law firm in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can help you to understand what compensation may be available for you. 

Medical Malpractice Only Applies to Doctors and Surgeons

Many people also believe that they can only file medical malpractice lawsuits if they were injured by a doctor or surgeon. However, any medical professional who acts negligently while treating you can be held liable for malpractice, including nurses, dentists and medical assistants. If any medical professional was negligent in your treatment, you have the right to file a malpractice lawsuit and should consult a medical malpractice law firm Fort Lauderdale, Florida has to offer. 

You Should Accept the First Settlement Offer

Dealing with a medical malpractice lawsuit can be stressful, so it’s understandable that you want to get the process over with as quickly as possible. However, that doesn’t mean you should accept the first settlement offer the insurance company offers you. Often the first settlement offer is subpar and won’t cover all of your medical costs. If you think your case is worth more, it’s better to hold out for a higher payout.

A Medical Malpractice Lawyer Is Too Expensive

Some people shy away from filing medical malpractice lawsuits because they think they can’t afford to hire a lawyer. However, the majority of medical malpractice law firms in Fort Lauderdale, Florida work on a contingency basis. That means they will take a percentage of your winnings after your case resolves. If you don’t win your case, you won’t owe your lawyer any money.

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