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Surgeon Malpractice Attorneys Orlando

Surgeon Malpractice Attorneys Orlando

Turn to Surgeon Malpractice Attorneys in Orlando for Justice

Though anyone can make a mistake, certain professions demand a higher standard of care. This is particularly true of medical professionals such as surgeons. One “simple” mistake by a surgeon is often not simple at all and may cause a lifetime of pain and anguish for the patient. It may also cost the patient their life, leaving grieving loved ones to wonder how a doctor who was supposed to heal a patient killed them instead. In seeking the legal services of surgeon malpractice attorneys from our Orlando firm Needle & Ellenberg, PA, a family cannot recover their loved one after death, but they can get justice in their loved one’s name. For those who suffered a life-altering surgical mistake, a settlement may make it possible for them to undergo corrective surgery from a different surgeon, and make them more comfortable in their pain and suffering.

When these scenarios occur, Orlando surgeon malpractice attorneys at Needle & Ellenberg, PA is here to hold the negligent physician accountable. Our team of lawyers has collected significant amounts of dollars in injury cases, including surgeon malpractice cases. Our law firm’s focus is in assisting our fellow community members to recover financially and personally after this catastrophic event. We will leverage all of our resources to help.

Did your surgeon make an egregious mistake? Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. We provide aggressive, experienced legal representation for Orlando residents who are victims of surgeon malpractice.

The Orlando Surgeon Malpractice Attorneys that Victims Count On

Needle & Ellenberg, PA in Orlando focuses on surgeon malpractice cases throughout the State of Florida. Our team has successfully handled claims and lawsuits for surgeon malpractice and other, similar cases. Contact us if you are the victim of any of the following:

·         Your surgeon completed a procedure without first removing an artificial object such as a sponge or surgical clamp. In leaving this within your body, your body rejected it, or is at risk of rejecting it and you have or may yet suffer from a life-threatening infection.

·         Your surgeon operated on the wrong area of your body, or removed the wrong body part.

·         Your surgeon misdiagnosed the nature of your condition, which then involved unnecessary treatment and costs and allowed your true condition to worsen.

·         Your surgeon performed unnecessary surgery and did not disclose to you that it was optional or unnecessary.

·         Your surgeon failed to adequately monitor your condition after your surgery.

·         Your surgeon failed to make a reasonable effort to prevent you from developing sepsis or other infections and did not monitor you to ensure that you did not develop them during your post-op.

·         Your surgeon failed to obtain your informed consent to perform the procedure, or did not inform you of the risks associated with undergoing the surgery.

·         Your surgeon made one or more errors when using a scalpel which resulted in organ damage, internal bleeding, or nerve damage.

 Discuss your case in confidence with our Orlando medical malpractice lawyer in Orlando from Needle & Ellenberg, PA today.