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Who Can Hire a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Who Can Hire a Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Patients depend on their doctor or healthcare provider to receive essential treatment and specialized care, but that is not always the case. Cases of medical malpractice that result in serious harm to a patient do occur. When a healthcare professional is negligent or distracted, they can injure a patient and permanently impact their life. If you have been injured by a doctor, nurse or other medical staff member, you may be able to hire a medical malpractice lawyer. 

Medical malpractice claims can be challenging to file. You may not be sure if you can or should hire a medical malpractice lawyer. If the following situations apply to you, a medical malpractice lawyer can offer you important legal advice so that you can file a successful lawsuit. 

You were a patient of a doctor or medical professional

A key part of filing a successful medical malpractice claim is the ability to prove that you were under the care of a doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional. If you were treated at a hospital or clinic you may be entitled to file a medical malpractice claim. 

While only one injured individual typically can file a lawsuit, in unique circumstances a family member or other involved parties can be included in the claim. For example, an injured person who is incapacited and is unable to communicate their wishes on their own can have another person speak on their behalf. Elderly patients may also have a power of attorney and can have a designated person file a claim for them. 

You were injured as a result of negligence

To file a medical malpractice lawsuit, the victim needs to show that the negligent individual’s actions or lack of action directly caused their injury. Negligence in the context of medical malpractice is considered as an inability to provide a standard of care to a patient. They failed to reasonably provide care in a way that another skilled medical professional would have under the same or similar circumstances. 

You are entitled to damages 

A medical malpractice lawyer from Fort Lauderdale, FL, like one from Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. can help you make a list of damages you may be entitled to. In a medical malpractice case that may include many complexities, the list of damages can be lengthy. A lawyer will evaluate the list so that it is accurate and complete. Damages include medical bills including future care, loss of earnings and future earnings, reduced earning capacity, rehabilitative therapy, general pain and suffering and much more. 

You have time to file a claim

The statute of limitations for filing a medical malpractice lawsuit in Florida is two years. You can hire a medical malpractice lawyer if the deadline to submit a claim has not passed. They will be able to help you gather the evidence and information you need so that your claim can be filled out correctly. 

As a medical malpractice victim, you deserve to receive full compensation for your injury. Talk to a medical malpractice lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL for urgent legal advice.