Florida man dies from brain injury after pit bull attack

A brain or spinal cord injury can forever change an individual’s life. These types of injuries often cause permanent damage and an individual may never fully recover. A severe brain injury can alter one’s mood, personality and ability to communicate. A spinal cord injury could leave a person paralyzed or physically disabled for the rest of his or her life. In the most extreme cases, these injuries can be fatal.

Brain and spinal cord injuries can result from any type of accident, but when the accident is caused by the negligence of someone else, victims and family members may feel especially devastated knowing that the injuries could have been prevented. Last week, a Florida man died after a vicious dog attack had left him brain damaged just days before. The family of the victim also learned that the two pit bulls involved in the mauling had a history of attacking others.

On the morning of June 10, the 74-year-old man was doing some work in his yard. According to several news reports, two pit bulls had escaped his neighbor’s yard and the dogs attacked the man.

One of the man’s arms was completely ripped off in the attack and his other arm was partially severed. The pit bulls also bit the man’s head, disfiguring his face. The man lost so much blood from the attack that he was left brain damaged. He died a few days later.

Investigators discovered that this was not the first time the neighbor’s dogs attacked someone. Another man was attacked earlier this year and was disfigured from the incident. He has since filed a lawsuit claiming that the dog owners were negligent and failed to properly restrain their pit bulls. He is seeking compensation for medical expenses and mental anguish.

After the fatal attack earlier this month, the two pit bulls were euthanized.

The incident has many Florida residents concerned about the fact that the dogs were not taken away from the owners after the first attack was reported earlier this year. Because the dogs had attacked someone else prior to this month’s incident, the owners should have taken the proper steps to ensure that their dogs were secured in the yard in order to prevent other attacks and the wrongful death of the neighbor.


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