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Advantages Of Hiring A Lawyer - stone courthouse facade
Personal Injury Lawyer Figuring out what kind of legal counsel that you should get and who you should get it from can be a challenge if you have recently been in a personal injury accident. There are many different kinds of lawyers, and it’s important that you work with one who will be dedicated to advocating for you and protecting your rights completely. There are many advantages that you can gain if you hire a
Common Misconceptions About Rear-End Car Accidents - Car accident need to justice
Car Accident Lawyer Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of car accidents. They occur when a vehicle crashes into the vehicle in front of it. Unfortunately, there are still many untruths about these accidents. Here are a few common misconceptions about rear-end car accidents that you should not believe. Drivers with High Head Rests Can’t Sustain Whiplash Whiplash is a common neck injury that occurs in rear-end accidents. Some people may assume
Are Jury Awards Ever Reduced In Personal Injury Lawsuits
The feeling of relief, jubilation, or shock that a victim in a personal injury case may experience upon being awarded a large verdict by a jury can quickly diminish if the verdict is reduced by a judge shortly after. The victim may be surprised to learn that this is within the court’s power, especially when he or she was relying on the jury to make the right decision. In some cases, the reduction of an
In the month of January, we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr, who committed his life to racial equality and issues for social justice. His work led to the development of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, which made it unlawful to discriminate against someone based on their color, race, gender, religion, or national origin. Yet it is more than disappointing to realize that despite decades later after his tragic assassination, race still impacts people’s lives
When Construction Workers Get Hurt - Metal worker in factory grinding metal of pipeline
Construction Accident Lawyer Construction is a notoriously hazardous industry. Unfortunately, the dangerous nature of the job itself too often leads workers to believe that they are simply bound to “tough it out” in the event that they suffer work-related harm. If you work in construction and have recently suffered injury due to job-related circumstances, please understand that you are not obligated to act as if nothing has happened simply because your job is dangerous. Engaging
Estate planning can be hard to do when you do it on your own. There are many things that you can experience issues with if you decide not to hire an estate planning lawyer. If you have an issue like creating a will, resolving a dispute, or need help deciding how to best secure your assets, you can count on an experienced Cheyenne, WY estate planning lawyer like one from Davis, Johnson & Kallal |
Slip and Fall
Who Is Responsible For A Slip And Fall Accident? Slips and falls are some of the most commonly suffered injuries, but despite their common nature, they can lead to serious or even fatal injuries in some cases When these serious injuries happen, it is important for victims to know that they do have the opportunity to hold the party who caused the injury responsible. The legal system contains an expansive set of principles known as
Workers Compensation Attorney
Construction work is one of the most important industries in society, and this sector continues to grow today. However, while there’s a huge demand for construction workers, there’s no denying how labor-intensive and dangerous the job can be. Even the most experienced construction worker outfitted with safety equipment and who follows rigorous safety guidelines can quickly get injured. Construction accidents can range from slipping and falling, falling from huge heights, getting hit by falling objects,
TBIs: Causes And Treatments - Human brain digital x-ray 3D rendering
Brain Injury Lawyer  A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the head hits an object, the head is hit by something, or the brain is jarred inside the skull. TBIs can cause many different types of damage, including physical damage, emotional damage, and financial damage. If you have suffered a TBI, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer to find out if you have grounds upon which to file legal action. An experienced Orange
Slip and Fall
In October 2022, a local firefighter sprung into action and saves his girlfriend’s life after they were involved in a fiery crash on the highway. Bryan Aparicio is a firefighter with Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue who had to put his training to the test when he and his girlfriend, Su, were involved in a car crash when a car drove into their Uber’s fuel tank, causing it to catch on fire.  When the incident occurred,