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Medication Errors Lawyer Miami FL

Every year, more than a million people in this country suffer serious injury or death due to errors in prescribing, dispensing, or taking medicine. Many of these cases could have been prevented. When the negligent acts of a doctor or pharmacist lead to serious personal injury, we will be there. We have dedicated our legal careers to helping injured people.

We have more than 30 years of experience handling all manners of personal injury and wrongful death cases, including those involving medication errors. The law firm of Needle & Ellenberg, P.A., is available for legal representation in Miami and throughout Florida.

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You expect medical professionals to help you, not hurt you. While their actions may not be intentional, when a medical professional acts unreasonably or negligently, you may still be harmed. Your injuries could even have life-threatening and life-altering consequences. Should this happen, it is prudent to consult a medication errors lawyer Miami, FL families can count on for legal advice.

Medical malpractice comes in all forms. Sometimes, it’s obviously medical malpractice. Other times, it isn’t. Even simple mistakes result in serious injury. The following are types of medication errors that can lead to serious injury:

  • Misunderstanding of prescription due to illegible handwriting
  • Misplaced decimal points in relation to prescribed doses
  • Lack of appropriate labels
  • Wrong abbreviations
  • Confusion among drugs with similar names
  • Lack of knowledge of patient history (allergies, previous conditions, lab tests)

None of these mistakes should be tolerated when they lead to serious injury or wrongful death. Doctors and pharmacists are entrusted to care for their patients. They are trained on steps to take to prevent mistakes and ensure the continued health of those under their care. When a mistake occurs, it is your right to ask a medication errors lawyer Miami, FL has to offer about whether or not you have a valid legal claim.

Potential Methods for a Prescription Error to Occur

As a medication errors lawyer in Miami, FL, we have found that nearly half of our cases involve prescription errors. Many of these happened because of at least one of the following situations:

The Pharmacy Gave You the Wrong Prescription

When you’re collecting your prescription from the pharmacy, you trust that the pills in the bottle are what you’ve been prescribed by your doctor. That isn’t always the case. Pharmacists can and do make mistakes and sometimes the wrong pills find their way to you. If you don’t catch it, the consequences can be dire.

Some pharmacies have started implementing automatic dispensing systems that fill a bottle with your prescription. But a human still has to enter your prescription into the computer. Errors could result from someone working too quickly or carelessly. You’re then provided the wrong prescription causing you serious injury and preventing you from getting better.

The Dosage Was Incorrect

If you receive the wrong dosage, this could be the fault of the doctor. The doctor may have prescribed you a dose too high or too low for your body size; thereby, resulting in serious injury.

It’s also possible the pharmacist misread the prescription and gave you a dosage different from what your doctor intended. This may be the result of the pharmacist working too quickly or too carelessly. Unfortunately, in scenarios like these you might be the victim of their negligence and should consult a medication errors lawyer Miami, Florida recommends as soon as possible.

You Suffered Serious Side effects

All drugs have side effects. Some side effects are minor and not even noticeable. Other side effects can be deadly. If you’re not provided with all of the information regarding side effects, that might amount to medical malpractice.

Both your doctor and a pharmacist can provide information about side effects of certain drugs. They should also provide you information about the effects of taking certain drugs together. Sometimes a drug is harmless by itself but when it’s taken with another drug, it can cause serious issues. You need to be made aware of these issues as, ultimately, the decision is yours to take the drugs. If you experienced injurious side effects after taking a prescribed medication, please call a medication errors lawyer Miami, FL community members trust for a free case review.

The Drug Maker Made a Mistake

Drug makers can also be liable for your injuries. When drugs are released, they go through a process of heavy scrutiny and testing.

If the drugs aren’t tested correctly or if the drug maker alters the drug ingredients after testing, not only does that cause you potentially serious medical issues, but it  may also be cause for a medical malpractice claim. You deserve to be given medication that is safe. If the drug maker has acted negligently or carelessly, you may be able to seek compensation from them.


Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. wants to make sure you get the compensation you need to get better. We have helped many clients just like you successfully recover for their injuries. Medical malpractice is a serious and complex issue but we know we can help you get better.

Whether your injury resulted from a prescription error related to painkillers, antidepressants, or other pharmaceuticals, we can help. We, as a medication errors lawyer Miami, FL residents turn to for legal advocacy, are committed to helping injured people get the compensation they require to help them improve their quality of life, notwithstanding their injuries. We are committed to helping you.

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