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Hospital Negligence Lawyer Orlando, FL

Five Signs It Is Time To Call A Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A hospital negligence lawyer Orlando, Fl clients trust knows that people rely on their medical providers to take care of them when they are sick. We trust them to heal us. However, sometimes medical providers harm patients. Medical malpractice is a term explaining a situation when medical professionals cannot meet the standard of care for medical practice and the result is a patient that is harmed.

1. Misdiagnosis

A misdiagnosis is when a medical provider fails to assign the correct diagnosis to your injury or illness and they would not have done so if they had adequate skill or took appropriate action. If the misdiagnosis results in a worsening injury or illness of the patient that would have been avoided if the diagnosis was correct, then a patient may be able to file a claim for damages. It is difficult to prove that the if the medical professional had provided an accurate diagnosis that you would have had a better outcome than the one that actually happened, however, a hospital negligence lawyer Orlando, Fl residents recommend may be able to help.

2. Unrelated Injury

If you receive an injury from treatment unrelated to the original reason you sought medical care, then you may be entitled to sue for damages. A hospital negligence lawyer in Orlando, Fl can evaluate your case and determine what type of negligence occurred. A few examples of this situation include:

  • Operations or removals of the wrong organ or appendage.
  • Suffering an injury under anesthesia unrelated to the medical procedure for which the anesthesia was administered for.

3. No Informed Consent

A doctor must inform their patient of any risks associated with treatment or a procedure before administering either, if you are aware and accept these risks, that is called informed consent. If you are not aware or do not understand the risks linked to the medical happenings, then you cannot make an informed decision about whether to go through with it or not. If a doctor does not inform you of a possible risk that later manifests, then a hospital negligence lawyer Orlando, Fl families turn to may be able to hold the doctor liable for damages on your behalf.

4. Medical Negligence

Medical negligence commonly occurs in situations where a treatment or procedure is recommended that is inappropriate for the injury or illness; or when the treatment or procedure is performed and fails to meet the standard of care. When an injury results, a patient may consider recovering damages.

5. Negligent Nursing

A hospital negligence lawyer Orlando, Fl locals recommend know that, in some cases, the medical care provider is not the one who causes injuries, sometimes it is due to the negligence of the nursing staff that cares for the patient before and after a treatment or procedure. It can occur if medication is administered improperly, or the dosage of the medication is incorrect. It can even happen through a failure to pay close attention to the needs of a patient in recovery.

Even if a procedure was performed perfectly, any care before and after could result in an injury.

If one or many of these situations happened to you, then you should hire an experienced Orlando hospital negligence lawyer specializing in medical malpractice. An hospital negligence lawyer Orlando, Fl provides is your best asset in such a case and can help you gather expert testimony proving that your medical care provider is liable, negligent, and that you deserve compensation from any damages as a result.

Can You Sue a Hospital for Negligence?

hospital negligence lawyer Orlando FL residents trust may tell you that suing a hospital for negligence can be tricky. Hospitals aren’t always responsible for the actions of their doctors, nurses, and other care providers, which could make cases complicated. Listed below is some information that may help you determine if you have a case, but an ideal option may be to contact a hospital negligence lawyer in Orlando FL to review your case.

Are Doctors Hospital Employees?

Your Orlando hospital negligence lawyer may tell you that the answer to this question is essential to your case. If the doctor and other care providers who were negligent aren’t employees of the hospital, you might not be able to sue the hospital for medical negligence.

Doctors are often considered independent contractors rather than employees. A hospital negligence lawyer Orlando FL residents depend on may investigate whether your doctor is an employee of the hospital or is an independent contractor.

Hospitals Are Responsible for Employees

If the doctor or other care provider is an employee of the hospital, the hospital may be held liable for that employee’s actions. Generally, medical technicians, nurses, and other support staff are employees while doctors may not be. A hospital negligence lawyer Orlando FL has to offer may tell you that if the hospital employee was doing a job-related task when they caused your injury, you might sue the hospital for damages.

If the doctor isn’t an employee of the hospital, then it’s more likely that the hospital can’t be sued but the doctor can. If an employee of the hospital is medically negligent while under the supervision of the doctor, the doctor might also be sued in this case. Working under a doctor means that the doctor was in the room or that the doctor could have prevented the negligence. All of this can get tricky, which is why it may be in your best interest to find a hospital negligence lawyer in Orlando FL to help with your case.

When You May Be Able to Sue a Hospital for a non-employee’s Actions

There are some cases in which you may be able to sue a hospital for an independent contractor’s actions if they caused your injury. These cases can be complex, but if you work with a hospital negligence lawyer Orlando FL can provide, they may be able to build this case for you.

It appeared that the doctor was an employee of the hospital. If it’s not clear that the doctor is an independent contractor, you may be able to hold the hospital responsible for the doctor’s actions. Patients are usually informed in the admission papers on the doctor’s employee status.

The hospital doesn’t fire a dangerous or incompetent doctor. The hospital is responsible for firing both employees and independent contractors if they become dangerous or incompetent. If a hospital fails to do this, they may be held liable for the doctor’s actions even when the doctor is an independent contractor.  Learn about What kind of damages can I recover from medical malpractice?

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