Woman still unconscious after Miami Beach officer runs her over

A fun vacation and reunion with relatives over the Fourth of July holiday in Miami suddenly turned tragic after a 28-year-old woman was hit and injured by an all-terrain vehicle. Family members of the woman were especially shocked and disturbed by the news after learning that the ATV was being driven by a Miami Beach police officer at the time of the accident.

“The cops are supposed to be protecting us, taking care of us,” commented the victim’s brother.

The accident occurred July 3 around 5 a.m. According to reports, the officer was on-duty that morning. Prior to the incident, the Miami Beach officer had met a woman at The Clevelander Hotel and offered to take her for an ATV ride on the beach.

It was reported that the on-duty officer was speeding while driving the ATV on the beach with the unauthorized passenger. The man struck two people on the beach, seriously injuring the 28-year-old woman.

Family members reported Thursday that the woman was still unconscious from the accident. Her femur was fractured and she suffered a puncture wound to the heart. Family members commented that they are still uncertain about whether the woman will recover or not. The victim is currently in the intensive care unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital. While the woman remains in intensive care, her 1-year-old daughter will be taken care of by relatives.

A blood alcohol test was taken from the officer after the accident and the Miami Beach Police are still awaiting the results. However, the officer is expected to be fired regardless of whether he was drunk or not at the time of the incident because he had violated other police policies.

Accidents resulting in serious injuries affect the lives of victims, but family members and friends also suffer. Family members may not understand why others choose to drive recklessly, but they do understand all too well that accidents caused by careless individuals should never have occurred.

Source:NBC Miami: “Woman’s Family Outraged Over ATV Crash,” Ari Odzer and Lisa Orkin Emmanuel, 7 July 2011