New Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries from InVivo Therapeutics

Sadly people sustain injuries to the spine every day in Miami and throughout the country. Spinal injuries are caused by a variety of types of accidents and depending on their severity, can be life changing.

With a focus on regenerative medicine and neuroprotection, InVivo Therapeutics has developed implant technology that treats spine and neural injury in a new way. A spinal injury is a devastating and traumatic in a person’s life. InVivo, developing technology that interacts directlywith affected tissues, has enjoyed consistent success treating rodents and primates.

InVivo has partnered with The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis in Florida to collaborate with this outstanding, committed research organization. Their three decade advances with cellular treatment of spinal injury and InVivo’s development of biomaterial solutions could result in effective patient treatment. InVivo is also working to develop a stem cell version of their technology.

The InVivo solution is uses implant technology. The goal is to interact directly with tissues affected by the spinal injury. This is a major innovation in treating nervous system damage. They are now expanding technology to treat peripheral nerve injuries, e.g., chronic nerve compression symptoms, also.

The company is currently in “conversation” with the FDA to hopefully, secure approval to test the biomaterial version on human subjects. They also plan to develop an injectable solution for testing and approval. InVivo’s target for beginning human trials is sometime in 2012. The timing of FDA responses or approval is unknown, at present.

Those who have suffered spinal injuries have newfound hope in receiving relief using this new technology. Those who have endured neural injury should follow developments closely.

Source: Orthopedic, Spine & Pain Management, “A New Hope for Treating Spinal Cord Injury: 5 Points on InVivo Therapeutics’ Technology,” Laura Miller, Oct. 11, 2011