Another accident reported at Florida speedboat race

The Key West Super Boat World Championships taking place in Florida sustained another blow this week when two racers were injured when their vessel crashed during the finale. This accident follows close on the heels of the death of three other racers.

The accident that occurred last Sunday reportedly happened during the last race of the event when the 38-foot boat in which they were riding hit a wave. Both men were injured in accident. One of them was taken to Lower Keys Medical Center for treatment. Because the other one potentially sustained a brain injury in the form of a concussion in addition to a torn ear, he was sent to Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Brain injuries can be serious and have lasting effects long after the accident is over and visible injuries have healed. Depending on the severity of the injury, they side effects can linger the rest of the person’s life. These side effects can take the form of an altered personality and moodiness. In some cases, someone who has sustained a brain injury may have difficulty communicating with those around him or her.

If the brain injury is due to the negligence of another person, the injured party may have legal recourse in a civil court. A personal injury lawsuit against the negligent person may enable the injured person to recover financial compensation for the injuries sustained. While money will not undo the accident that caused the injury, it may make it easier for the person who has sustained a brain injury to deal with his or her new reality.

Source: The Miami Herald, “Another accident mars speedboat races,” Susan Cocking, Nov. 14, 2011