Miami motorcyclist killed in crash, passenger injured

A crash involving a Cadillac and a Harley Davidson earlier this week left a Miami man dead and another person injured. The driver of the car and his passenger were returning from dinner and were making a left turn when the car accident occurred. The two people on the motorcycle where thrown upon impact. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene and the passenger was taken to a local hospital.

Although accidents can be traumatic for both parties, motorcyclists are especially vulnerable and can be susceptible to more severe injuries. Often car drivers fail to obey traffic laws, such as yielding to oncoming traffic, and these actions put motorcyclists at increased risk for injury. Like with many car-motorcycle collisions, the driver and passenger from the Cadillac involved in this accident walked away without injury.

While the sheriff’s department continues its investigation, many may wonder how something like this could have happened. Drivers need to be more aware of motorcyclists, and start obeying traffic rules. In a world where drivers are constantly distracted and taking risks that they shouldn’t, people need to become aware of their surroundings and start paying attention to other drivers.

Injuries from car accidents can change lives. When faced with a traumatic injury there are a lot of things to take care of. Doctor bills, managing your work and family obligations, and trying to recover from your injuries all at the same time can seem like a daunting task, but it’s important to know there are people out there to help you get the resources you need to get your life back.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Driver calls fatal Dania Beach crash ‘devastating’,” Juan Ortega, Dec. 7, 2011