Young girl with brain injury has mind for business

There are of course many ways in which a person may end up suffering from a brain injury. While the first thing that pops into one’s mind is often car accidents, more and more, competitive sports are to blame. This is evident in athletics on all levels from professional sports down to youth teams. Brain injuries such as concussions occur after a variety of actions including running into another person and falls.

Recently, a 7-year-old girl in another east coast state suffered a fractured skull and traumatic brain damage while playing with a soccer ball. As she kicked the ball, she reportedly fell backwards striking her head on the ground. While that alone may have hurt her, in this case the serious injuries resulted from the device she was using to secure her hair. Doctors reportedly said the Hello Kitty ponytail holder, which was made of plastic and apparently had edges and corner, she was using when she fell, acted as a rock and a knife.

Many may be surprised by the fact that the device could inflict so much damage to a person’s head. The reality however is that the heads of females who are not yet 14 are still developing, making them more susceptible to the type of injuries.

Though the girl in this instance is dealing with the aftereffects of the injury including memory loss, ADHD and ADD, there is something positive to come out of it. The young athlete, along with her sister and mother have started a business, making and selling accessories for hair that do not included any plastic or metal. Some of the money the girls earn in their endeavor will reportedly be donated to a charity to be determined.

Source: WOAI, “Girl’s hair tie causes skull fracture,” July 9, 2012