Hillary Clinton suffers concussion at home

There are times when a person can suffer a brain injury and not even realize it. One of these times is when they sustain a concussion and they don’t get the treatment they need quickly enough. Although there has not been an indication of a brain injury, a recent fall in U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her concussion is an understandable concern for those in Miami and across the country. Clinton passed out in her home after returning from a European business trip and suffered a concussion, however her condition was not discovered until several days after the fact.

As a government employee, Clinton has access to top notch care, and still there was a delay in her diagnosis and treatment. Her job as Secretary of State also carries a higher stress rate and is more likely to bring on fatigue that most positions, but there are all sorts of jobs and all sorts of employment positions that may lead someone to be thrown off their game and suffer a personal injury.

There is also more to consider with a personal injury case than the immediate impact of the injury. In some cases, especially in cases of brain injury, the injury may impair a person to the point where pursuing future opportunities becomes difficult. This may be because of the injury itself, or the perception that the injury may present to the public. This is especially true if the person is in a career in the public eye.

If you suffer a concussion because of an unexpected accident you may be disoriented and might now even be sure of what you are dealing with, but getting the treatment you need is important. While acting fast is best way to assure that you have the best personal injury case, those who start out by proving a personal injury attorney with accurate information as soon as you can is sure to be beneficial.

Source: People, “Hillary Clinton Recovering at Home from Concussion,” Andrea Billups, Dec. 17, 2012