Teen blames truck theft, accident on zombie attack

Florida residents may have heard about a recent, unusual case in which a young man from Tennessee stole a big rig truck, crashed it into several vehicles near Temecula, California, and then told law enforcement officials that the reason for his actions was to evade zombies that were after him. The 19-year-old had been traveling across the country from Tennessee, where he was reportedly kicked out of his house, to California with a truck driver. When the truck driver got out of the truck for an inspection, the teen took control of the truck and traveled down the road.

He was traveling down the road in an erratic manner, and he told law enforcement officials that he was trying to get zombies that were hanging onto the truck to fall off. While driving recklessly, the teen caused a collision with a Toyota Tacoma. This subsequently caused the Tacoma to hit a Mercedes Benz and a 4Runner. The teen continued to travel down the road and hit a Ford and Honda before the truck stopped. This truck accident resulted in injuries to four people, and two of them sustained serious injuries. The teen has been charged with receipt of stolen property and taking a vehicle without consent. He may have been under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident.

A serious truck accident such as this one may have considerable effects on the victims. In addition to causing pain and suffering, the accident may also result in healthcare expenses, vehicle repair expenses, loss of income and other costs for the victims. The teen faces criminal charges for his actions, and the victims could also pursue justice by filing a civil suit.

A personal injury lawsuit could provide victims with financial reimbursement for their expenses related to the accident. A Florida personal injury attorney may evaluate one’s case to pinpoint potential sources of liability.

Source: CNN, “Cause of multiple collisions in California? Zombies, driver tells police,” Dorrine Mendoza, April 11, 2013