Truck accident may have left one driver injured

A Florida accident reportedly led to a truck spilling a load of sand on the Florida Turnpike. According to reports, a truck that was transporting sand rolled over on the turnpike and ended up losing part of its load. The truck had apparently struck a guard rail on the turnpike, which tipped the vehicle over and left it blocking multiple lanes. A silver SUV was also involved in the truck accident, and the driver of the SUV was said to be transported to the hospital but in an unknown condition. Reports stated that the silver SUV had rolled over onto its roof during the accident.

There was also a white SUV involved in the accident, but the occupants of this vehicle were not said to be injured. The white SUV did, however, apparently sustain a large dent in the body of the vehicle. In addition to the sand, the truck also spilled a small amount of fuel. However, the fuel was managed by a Hazmat team.

Emergency personnel, including the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and the Florida Highway Patrol. responded to the scene of the accident. Multiple lanes on the turnpike were closed while the scene was cleaned up and investigated.

The driver of the silver SUV may be able to pursue a personal injury claim against the truck driver or the truck driver’s company in the event that they are injured and accrue medical costs. Medical costs can be covered by this type of compensation along with lost wages and other associated expenses regarding the driver’s injuries. The driver of the SUV and the driver of the white SUV may also want to pursue compensation for the property damage to their cars, assuming the truck driver’s insurance will not cover the costs completely.

Source: WSVN, “Truck spills load of sand on Turnpike after crash”, July 09, 2013