Four injured after school bus crash in Florida

According to the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department spokesman, four people were injured in a crash involving a school bus. The accident occurred at approximately 7 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 20. A car reportedly ran a stop sign and collided with the bus at the intersection of Galveston Avenue and Lamson Street.

The spokeswoman for Duval County schools stated that the bus was on its way to Terry Parker High School when the crash happened. A backup bus was sent to take the students to the school after the truck accident occurred. Two of the people who were in the car were injured and transported to a local hospital. Of the 41 people on the bus, including the bus driver, two students were transported to a local hospital for evaluation. The people who were injured in the accident reportedly suffered from minor injuries.

Civil lawsuits could end up being filed in connection with the incident. The parents of the hospitalized children could decide to file personal injury lawsuits against the people deemed responsible for the accident. They could potentially be compensated for their children’s hospital bills and other medical expenses. Plus, if the parents had to take off work because of the accident, they could ask for compensation for the wages they lost due to the time they had to miss from work.

Personal injury lawyers might be able to help parents prepare their claims. They might also be able to secure a settlement for them without having to go through a long and drawn-out court process. Lawyers could be able to negotiate settlements outside the court room in a timely manner.

Source:, “Jacksonville school bus crash leaves 4 with minor injuries“, Dana Treen, August 20, 2013