Miami dump truck driver not charged in fatal accident

The driver of a dump truck in Miami who ran over a man and killed him on Saturday evening, Sept. 28, turned himself in to police. However, he was not charged in the incident since it was determined to be an accident. Police had posted a surveillance picture of the truck on their Twitter account stating that no charges were expected in connection with the accident, but they needed the driver to come forward.

The driver had been driving a truck south on 12th Avenue when he had pulled into a gas station. The driver was not even aware that the trucking accident had occurred. The truck ran over a 54-year-old man who had been sleeping against the side of the curb at the gas station. The trucker stated that he had thought he had just run over a curb.

Family members and neighbors of the deceased man are outraged that no charges were filed against the driver. They believe that the driver should face consequences for his actions, accident or not. Although no criminal charges were filed against the driver, the deceased man’s family members could decide to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against him. They could potentially receive reimbursement for his hospital bills and burial expenses as well as his lost earning power. Some states even allow claimants to seek compensation for their own pain and suffering they endured at the unexpected deaths of their loved ones.

Personal injury attorneys might be able to launch their own investigations into the causes of accidents and then use the evidence that they find to help claimants prepare their claims. They might also be able to help them negotiate more favorable settlements with defendants.

Source: CBS Miami, “No Charges Against Dump Truck Driver Involved In Fatal Accident“, September 29, 2013