Florida truck accident involving wheelchair was fatal

Driving a vehicle on the public roads means taking on the responsibility to watch for other vehicles. Drivers also have to watch for pedestrians and people who are using mobility assistance devices. One truck driver failed to notice a Florida woman who was using her motorized wheelchair, which led to tragedy.

The investigation into the truck accident continues. The man isn’t facing charges now for the apparent accident. The fatal crash occurred as the truck driver was making a right turn. The truck struck the woman who was in a parking lot on University Drive.

The driver of the truck didn’t realize that he struck the woman, who has been in a wheelchair for 20 years because of cerebral palsy. Witnesses saw sparks coming from the parts of the woman’s wheelchair that were stuck under the truck. The semi-truck driver was stopped by motorists more than two miles from where he struck her.

The woman was pronounced dead near Miramar Parkway and University Drive. She had been dragged for blocks before becoming dislodged from her wheelchair.

Witnesses claim the truck driver was distraught when he learned that he had hit someone. He isn’t the only person who has to deal with this horrible tragedy. The family of the 49-year-old woman who was killed will have to deal with her death.

Anyone who has lost a loved one due to the negligent actions of others might have the right to seek compensation for the death. Any compensation that is awarded won’t bring their loved one back, but it might help to relieve the financial strain the tragedy placed upon them.

Source: Sun Sentinel, “Woman in wheelchair dragged to death by tractor-trailer in Miramar” Erika Pesantes, Mar. 27, 2014