Miami man ticketed in trucking accident involving honeybees

A May 20 accident in Newark, Delaware, snarled traffic for more than 12 hours after a tractor-trailer hauling honeybees overturned near a highway ramp. Delaware law enforcement say a 55-year-old Miami man is responsible for not properly securing his tractor-trailer cargo load from shifting unsafely while in transit.

The man was hauling an estimated 16 to 20 million bees from Florida all the way up to Maine when the accident happened. There were reports of people passing by the scene getting stung by the bees. In fact, Delaware officials actually warned motorists to steer clear of the ramp near the crash site on Interstate 95 in Newark, Delaware, well into the next day. Amazingly, state police actually had a swarm removal plan on the books just for such a scenario. A team of firefighters assisted by bee handlers sprayed water to disperse the bees in accordance with the plan.

Police later issued the driver a citation for his role in the fiasco. He and his two passengers suffered minor injuries as a result of the trucking accident and subsequent bee stings. It was estimated that the man and his passengers received 50 to 100 sting each.

Shifting loads on the back of a semi-truck can easily cause the vehicle to overturn due to a weight imbalance. Because tractor-trailers are so massive and weigh so much, even a seemingly small shift in cargo can play havoc in a steep turn. Motorists have a right to hold big rig operators responsible for any injuries they might receive as a result of such carelessness. Additionally, victims may also be entitled to receive compensation for any medical bills, lost wages and other economic losses due to the accident.

Source:, “Miami driver cited after truck carrying bees overturns in Delaware” No author given, May. 21, 2014