Attacks on unsafe premises aren’t the victim’s fault

When you go to a business such as a hotel or store, you don’t expect that you will be the victim of a vicious attack. There are some instances in which patrons of businesses are attacked in parking lots, unlit areas or other places on the premises. In those cases, the patron might opt to seek compensation from the business for his or her injuries.

Being injured in an attack of any sort is a traumatic experience. When that attack occurs in a place that should be safe, the trauma is increased. We understand that you might be dealing with physical and emotional injuries as a result of the attack you suffered. We offer compassionate representation that is firm and unrelenting with the at-fault party. You don’t have to suffer through your recovery from the attack alone.

Proving that the business owner or property owner was at fault for the unsafe premises can be complex. It can sometimes involve proving that security officers should have been hired, that security features should have been installed or that appropriate lighting should have been installed. Knowing how to prove these factors isn’t something that you should have to spend time doing when you are trying to heal from the attack. Instead, your focus should be on healing and learning to feel safe again.

No victim should have to cover the cost of getting medical care after an attack. No victim should be left holding the financial burdens of missed income. We stand up for victims of attacks that were caused by negligent security so they can hold the responsible person accountable for the event. Our webpage on inadequate security has more information.