Holding third-parties accountable for inadequate security claims

Victims of violent crime often suffer twice as a result of their experiences. Obviously, those victims have to deal with the physical and psychological injuries they suffered from their initial incidents. However, those victims also are sometimes forced to continue contending with the same circumstances that may have contributed to their initial injuries.

For example, the cashier of a convenience store who suffered a brutal robbery may find it difficult to return to work and thus be forced to seek out another job. Another example might be an apartment resident who was sexually assaulted in the poorly-lighted parking lot provided by the landlord. That tenant may be forced to break his or her lease in order to find a safer residence.

If you have been a victim of a violent crime, the first thing you should know is that it was not your fault that you were attacked. You should not be forced to suffer twice from your assault.

Under current Florida laws, property owners have a duty to eliminate and reduce dangersthat are reasonably foreseeable as having the potential to cause harm to people using their property. In some cases, a landowner can incur legal liability for certain negligent actions. Cases involving inadequate lighting in common areas, failure to provide adequate workplace security or even a failure to warn customers of known hazards can result in premises liability lawsuits.

Our law firm works hard to hold property owners accountable for the safety of their premises. We represent clients of violent crimes that may have been unintentionally aided by a landowner’s negligent actions.

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