How does a brain injury impact the family?

If you have a loved one who has suffered from a brain injury in California, it can be tough on the whole family. From the initial treatment to the rehab, the family is very involved, often as caregivers. It is important to understand how this works and to know all of your legal options during this difficult time.

For family members, depression, frustration and stress are very common. Some of this has to do with the up and down nature of a brain injury. Your loved one could be doing well one day and then seem to regress the next day. Brain injuries do not always heal quickly, and complications — such as additional swelling — can set someone back even if he or she appeared to be doing well for a time.

The sheer amount of medical equipment can also be stressful, especially while the person is in intensive care. The equipment may be all that is saving his or her life, but family members like yourself may have little to no experience with it. This confusion can be overwhelming when dealing with all of the other pressures.

Giving care to a person who is recovering, or just visiting them in the hospital, can also take a lot of time. Little things like doing chores around the house or making dinner can become far more difficult. You may not have time for everything that needs to get done.

Finally, after someone has been sent home from the hospital, the brain injury could linger, causing forgetfulness, sickness and many other ailments. Though the person may not need professional care, those offering care in the home still have to deal with these changes.

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