Driver out on bond after allegedly hitting tourist with her car

A woman in Miami was accused of running into a tourist with her car, and she has now paid her bond and has been released from jail. She was in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, but her payment of $12,500 allowed her to be released until trial. The accident in question was a hit and run, and it left the tourist—who was visiting the United States from Canada—in critical condition.

The accident happened at about 5:30 in the morning, and it took place near Fifth Avenue and Northeast 180th Street. Though the woman apparently fled the scene, the police located her at her attorney’s office, where she surrendered to the arresting officers without incident.

The woman’s lawyer also told the police where they would be able to find her car, a BMW 328i. It had been left at Tootsie’s Gentlemen’s Club, in the parking lot. Police were searching for the vehicle after finding almost a dozen pieces of it, including a detached grill, at the crash site. The car was torn apart with the force of striking the pedestrian.

The tourist is 22 years old, while the driver of the car is 26. A Canadian citizen, the young man had come to Florida so that he could attend the 2015 Ultra Music Festival. After the accident, the emergency crews took him to the Ryder Trauma Center. As of now, doctors are keeping him in a coma, which is helping with the recovery process, but he is still in critical condition and is in danger of losing his life since there is bleeding near his brain.

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