It’s important to talk to your attorney about trauma to your head

Many people are unaware of how easily some brain injuries can occur. Most of us associate brain injuries with head trauma similar to what professional boxers and football players experience. However, it’s important to remember that the brain is a very soft organ. In fact, it is often described as having a consistency similar to Jell-O. Knowing that, it becomes easier to understand how easily your brain can suffer damage.

Many people also wrongly believe that a brain injury only occurs after they’ve been “knocked out”. This is not true. Your soft brain is basically suspended in cerebral-spinal fluid while surrounded by your skull. Any trauma to your head could potentially cause your brain to crash against your skull. In fact, this is exactly how some brain injuries occur when victims are violently shaken.

Although the science regarding brain injury medicine is always improving, one of the biggest hurdles many patients face is realizing that they may have suffered a brain injury in the first place. In a previous article, we discussed how some minor forms of brain injury may cause victims to experience changes in their personalities or have difficulty concentrating. This is perhaps why some victims of mild to moderate brain injuries are completely unaware of the problem until things get worse, sometimes many months after the initial trauma.

Identifying that you may have possibly suffered a brain injury is perhaps one of the best reasons to discuss any head trauma accident caused by another person with your attorney. Based in Miami, our law firm has provided legal services for clients throughout South Florida for over 50 combined years. We understand that brain injuries can have a dramatic effect on your entire family. We know that it is common for brain injury victims to experience personality changes that may also affect your work and the quality of your life.

Prospective clients should know that our firm operates on a contingency fee basis. In other words, we will not charge you fees unless we make a recovery in your lawsuit. The attorneys working at our law firm are available to you, by appointment, to discuss your case at no cost.