New legislation could lead to more semi trucks on Florida roads

We’ve all been there. You drive past a large semi on the road and instantly grip your steering wheel a little harder, knowing that one false move could mean disaster. You’re right to be nervous; the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety reports that large truck accidents went up by 16 percent from 2009 to 2012 and have gone up every year since then.

Now, some in the trucking industry are pushing new legislation that would allow trucks to be bigger, mandate less rest for drivers and give companies the option of having less insurance. Safety advocates are calling for the bill to be vetoed, especially here in Florida, one of just two states that currently allow tandem trailers up to 33 feet in length ? most states allow 28 feet. They argue that tandem trucks are harder to stop, more difficult to maneuver and are involved in 15 percent more accidents than single-trailer rigs.

Whatever happens with the legislation, the fact remains that these super big rigs are no match for smaller cars, and when accidents happen, tragedy ensues. The fortunate only have car bills to pay for, while the less fortunate are burdened with major medical bills or funeral costs for loved ones.

Drivers involved in these types of crashes should know that they do have options. An attorney may be able to conduct an investigation into the accident and might be able to file a wrongful death suit or procure compensation for the victims.

Source:, “Move to allow larger trucks concerns drivers,” Eric Glasser, May 6, 2015