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Miami Personal-Injury Lawyer Identifies Potential Wrongful Death Damages in Florida

The death of a family member is always tragic, regardless of how he or she passed. Though many people are familiar with the ability to sue for wrongful death in the event of a fatal accident, the aftermath of such a situation is never an easy time to start contemplating legal proceedings. However, as hard as it might be, filing a civil lawsuit for a wrongful death may provide a sense of closure.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is an average of 41.3 unintentional injury deaths per 100,000 people across the country annually. Understanding what you and your family might deserve following a tragic accident can make a significant difference when it comes to filing a wrongful death claim.

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Read on for more information about wrongful death damages in Florida:

Economic and Non-Economic Damages

When it comes to pursuing compensation in a wrongful death case, both economic and non-economic damages may apply. In order to determine the damages to claim, your attorney will assess the impact that the death has had on surviving family.

Economic damages aim to provide funds to make up for what the deceased can no longer contribute. These also include medical, funeral and other death-related expenses. Economic damages cover any expected earnings, medical coverage, pension plans and lost inheritances.

Non-economic damages address the more personal concerns of the surviving family. They include damages that cover mental and physical pain and suffering following the tragic accident. These are not as simple to quantify as economic damages, which fill a specific monetary gap, but they are still important.

Other Damages

In cases when the defendant may have been directly or indirectly responsible for the death of the deceased, punitive damages may come into play, as well. In such cases, the defendant will be responsible for paying a specific amount in damages to the surviving family.

Knowing which types of damages to claim and how to quantify them are critical components to personal-injury lawsuits. An attorney who has handled cases that are similar to yours can help you fight for the maximum compensation.

If your loved one was the victim of a wrongful death, then you probably have a number of questions and concerns – especially if your family relied on the deceased’s income to survive. A Miami FL personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Needle & Ellenberg, P.A. can evaluate your case to determine if you have valid grounds for a lawsuit. To schedule a consultation, call us today at 305-290-1736.