Survey reveals 7 most common reasons for malpractice claims

As advanced and sophisticated as medical care is these days, there are still no guarantees that any procedure or course of treatment will be successful and free of complications. However, there are ways to minimize these risks in order to keep patients safe and healthy.

Unfortunately, sometimes these measure get ignored or overlooked and it is the patients who ultimately pay the price. While we certainly hope that no one is the victim of a medical mistake or misconduct, it can and does happen.

A recent survey of specialists and primary care doctors revealed some of the more common mistakes that lead to medical malpractice claims. According to the report by Medscape, the seven most common errors that lead to a lawsuit are:

  1. Failure to diagnose
  2. Abnormal injury to patient
  3. Failure to treat
  4. Medication administration errors
  5. Inadequate education or instruction of patients
  6. Non-compliance with standard safety procedures
  7. Failure to properly secure informed content

These are all grounds for medical malpractice claims as they reflect a failure to follow proper procedure and/or protect patients.

However, they are certainly not the only types of issues that can be indicative of malpractice. Performing the wrong procedure, failing to keep patients secure in the hospital, poor hygienic practices and providing care without proper training or certification can also be grounds to pursue a legal claim against a physician or hospital.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or illness as a result of improper or negligent medical care, you need to understand your options and rights to pursue compensation for damages. In some cases this can mean negotiating a settlement with the at-fault party; in other cases, it can mean taking the matter to court. In either situation, it can be crucial to have the support and guidance on an attorney by your side.