Can a Facebook Post Threaten My Personal-Injury Claim? Orlando Accident Lawyer Investigates

Living in the Information Age is certainly convenient, but there are some drawbacks to worldwide Internet access. In particular, people can find personal information about others with a few clicks of the mouse.

Facebook and other social media networks are common sites for data mining. According to the American Bar Association, insurance companies are using these pages to gather evidence that helps them devalue or deny claims. If you are making a claim against another party, then you must be careful about what you post to these sites; in fact, it may be best that you avoid them until your case is finalized.

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Until then, read on to learn three social media habits to stop while your personal-injury claim is ongoing:

  1. Uploading Photographs

Photographs from social media websites are admissible in court. If you or one of your friends posts a photograph of you doing a physical activity, then the insurance company may use that photo to dispute the severity of your injuries.

While your claim is ongoing, refrain from posting photographs to your social media pages. Tighten security, as well, so that unapproved photos do not appear publically on your timelines.

  1. Checking In

Most popular social networking sites allow you to “check in” at certain locations, such as restaurants, malls and tourist attractions. The danger is that checking in at some places may harm your claim, particularly if there is an association with physical activity, such as amusement parks, gyms or zoos.

You should not “check in” at any place that an injured person would typically avoid. Insurance companies have used check-ins as evidence to dispute a claim. To be safe, you should avoid checking in until your final verdict or settlement.

  1. Updating Your Status

One of the biggest mistakes that personal injury victims make is updating their statuses while their claim is ongoing. Many of them simply want to keep friends and family notified about their recovery progress. Unfortunately, the insurance company may use those status updates to devalue or deny your claim.

Making embellishments about your recovery may stop your friends and family from worrying too much, but the insurance company will only use these online declarations against you. Also, be sure to avoid status updates about physical activities.

If you were the victim of another person’s negligence, then you should not have to pay for medical bills, time off work and other losses out of your own pocket. Unfortunately, insurance companies are often reluctant to pay claimants what they deserve.

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