Quick Tips For Motorcyclists In The Winter

Motorcyclists are almost always at a higher risk than other vehicles on the road when it comes to accidents. Plenty of motorcyclists live in areas where winter weather is more temperate and therefore they may be more prone to keep riding their bikes throughout the colder months. Even if you live in a region where snow and ice isn’t as common, it’s still a good idea to be prepared for winter weather conditions when you’re riding a motorcycle.

Below are a few tips to keep in mind when you are driving in winter weather conditions like snow, ice, sleet, rain, and fog.

Basic Driving Tips 

Some simple driving tips for motorcyclists can apply all year round:

  • Do not drive when you are tired.
  • Do not drive after consuming alcohol or controlled substances — including prescription drugs — that may impair your ability to control your vehicle.
  • Wear proper safety gear, such as a helmet, even if your state laws do not mandate it.
  • Make sure your tires have the proper amount of air.
  • Be wary of road hazards, such as potholes, which may compromise the stability of your motorcycle.

Tips For Driving In Snow, Ice, and Freezing Rain

Driving in winter weather conditions can be even more dangerous for motorcyclists. Winter storms can begin very quickly, sometimes leaving drivers little time to plan their driving routes. If you know that a storm is likely to begin, avoid driving your motorcycle until the weather clears. If you find yourself driving through difficult weather conditions, make sure to take extra care.

  • Drive at a reduced speed when necessary, and brake slowly. Motorcycles are lighter in weight than other vehicles and a small amount of snow or ice on the road could easily cause your bike to lose balance.
  • Never stop your vehicle while driving uphill.
  • Follow other cars at a safe distance and be careful when splitting lanes.
  • Keep your gas tank at least half full if the weather gets below freezing.

Contact an Attorney If You’re Injured in an Accident 

If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident — no matter what time of the year it is — it may be wise to contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer trusts for legal counsel. You may be eligible for financial compensation if you experienced losses due to someone else’s negligence.

At our firm, we want our neighbors, friends, and clients to be as safe as possible while the weather is colder. However, if you happen to get involved in an accident, a personal injury attorney from our firm would be happy to speak with you about filing a claim.