5 Disturbing Cases of Medical Malpractice

When we visit a hospital or doctor’s office, we’re putting a lot of trust into a stranger and expect that we will be handled with professionalism and care.  Unfortunately, there are many times that doctors or hospitals are negligent and can make a mistake that leads to injury or even death.  When this happens, many pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit.  Here are 5 disturbing cases of medical malpractice:

  1. Dana Carvey’s Surgeon Bypasses The Wrong Artery

Many know Dana Carvey from Saturday Night Live.  Back in 1998, after worsening chest pains, Carvey realized he had restricted blood flow to his heart.  He underwent multiple surgeries, including a double bypass operation.  But the chest pains continued.  After returning to a doctor, they realized why: his surgeon had bypassed the wrong artery.  Carvey settled his medical malpractice suit for $7.5 million and thankfully went on to have a successful procedure done by a different surgeon. Source.

  1. Surgeons Forget Their Tool Inside A Patient

After removing a large malignant tumor, Donald Church still said he was in excruciating pain after the surgery.  At first, the doctors said that it was normal post-operation pain, but he found out the real reason roughly 2 months later: his surgeons had left a 13-inch long metal, malleable retractor behind.  The hospital took full responsibility and awarded Church $97,000.  Source.

  1. Wrong Leg Amputated

In 1995, after a diabetic patient was admitted to a hospital for a leg amputation, surgeons mistakenly amputated the wrong leg.  He later had to have his remaining leg amputated as well.  The hospital settled for $900,000 with an additional $250,000 settlement with the surgeon. Source.

  1. Man On Life Support Passes After Ingesting Ketchup Packets, Plastic Bags

A man was placed in an assisted living situation after suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury in a car accident.  After just one month, he began vomiting and passed away; the autopsy revealed he had ingested ketchup packets, candy wrappers, plastic bags, and paper towels which had blocked his airway.  The assisted living home not only knew of his propensity to ingest foreign objects before, but they also boasted 24 hour surveillance of all patients.  His family was awarded $11 million.  Source.

These are unfortunately one of many stories of hospitals or medical facilities acting negligently and causing harm.  While it’s impossible to eliminate all risk during procedures, you have legal options to consider if you are injured.  Contact Needle & Ellenberg, P.A., who has a proven track record of recovering compensation for their clients if you have been harmed during a medical procedure.