What are the Risks as a Bicyclist?

Those who get on a bicycle for either leisure, exercise, sport or transportation risk being struck by a vehicle. Car drivers can often be speeding, driving without obeying traffic laws or distracted by their cell phone. A bicycle rider must watch out for cars with keen attention and awareness. It is unfortunate that not all car drivers practice safe behaviors when behind the wheel. Sometimes, bicyclists are on the receiving end of such driving negligence. If a car were to strike a bicyclist, the subsequent injuries can be both painful and potentially life-threatening.

If you were to ever be hit by a car as a bicyclist, you should not hesitate to see your doctor or go to the nearest emergency room. A bicyclist becoming battered by a vehicle should be handled seriously and with urgency. Here in this article to follow, we have answered questions bicyclists may have about how to handle things if such an accident were to happen to them.

How can a bicyclist quickly determine whether they need medical attention?

When in a state of shock and adrenaline, injuries can remain hidden until hours later once the body has had a chance to calm down. A bicyclist can assess injuries by doing a quick physical exam. Feel your body in vital areas for any kind of pain, dull aches, stiffness or swelling. Check your head, neck, abdomen, chest and extremities for injuries. Even if you do not feel any pain in these areas but still feel off or disoriented, call for a medical team. It is better to be safe now, than sorry later if injuries were way more serious than you had initially anticipated.

Is it helpful to get eye witnesses who can attest for my side of the story?

Pedestrians who witness a bicyclist being hit by a car are likely to stop and rush over to help. Ask these people if they are willing to give you their contact information. If you decide to file a lawsuit against the driver, having witness statements from people who have no relationship with you but support your side of the story, can be greatly beneficial.

Should I take pictures of the scene and my injuries?

Yes, take as many photographs as you can. Take pictures of the damages to your bike, the car that hit you, the intersection or street where it happened and any visible injuries. If you can, write down how the accident occurred while the details are fresh in your mind. As hours and time goes on, important factors may be forgotten.

When should a person consult with an attorney about filing a lawsuit?

An injured bicyclist can seek the assistance of a legal professional, like a bicycle accident lawyer  trusts, at any time, but the sooner the better. Keep a detailed record of all documents pertaining to your accident related injuries. Examples of useful paperwork include receipts for out of pocket medical expenses, hospital bills, emergency care evaluations, bicycle repairs and any other relative information.