Doctors and Medical Staff Can Cause Hospital Accidents

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When people rush themselves to the hospital, they are under the reasonable expectation that a doctor and other staff will do what they can to make things better quickly. In general, hospitals are viewed as the one reliable place someone can go to if they are suffering from an injury or ailment, to receive proper treatment. Sadly, a doctor or medical staff may commit an error or oversight in regards to a patient’s health. Even though these people are probably well-intentioned when they begin their medical profession, they can fall short and cause their patient’s to worsen.

What should I know about hospital accidents/errors?

Doctors and other medical staff likely understand the importance of always providing medical care of a certain standard. If any of these professionals were to make a mistake, out of fear of potential repercussions and lawsuits, they may try to cover up what happened through destroying evidence.

Should I write a letter of complaint to the hospital?

A patient who did not receive a reasonable standard of care may file a complaint with the hospital for compensation. It may be best to speak with an attorney before letters are written. The hospital may respond by trying to cover their tracks, versus giving you the financial compensation you need to recover from a doctor’s error.

How should someone respond to a hospital accident?

If you or a loved one suffered due to an oversight, accident or other error that was made by hospital staff, you may want to gather as much evidence as you can related to the mistake and meet with an attorney immediately. Trying to fight a large medical company all on your own may not end with the results you would like. An attorney familiar with hospital errors can offer advice as you seek legal action.

What are examples of evidence related to the error?

Once you have noticed a mistake was made, call and request copies of receipts, exams, diagnostics or any other documents related to the condition in which the error was made. Specific examples of helpful information to bring to your consultation with an attorney includes:

  • Copies of doctor’s evaluations
  • Receipts for out-of-pocket expenses
  • Hospital records
  • Results for lab work and other testing
  • Prescription medications

But don’t medical doctors have to go through years of education and training?

It can be devastating to find out that your doctor has committed a mistake in regards to your health. Doctors are often viewed as the know-all saviors, who can do no wrong. Unfortunately, they are people too and have a small percentage of error which may even happen while they are practicing medicine. But, this is still no excuse and a doctor should be held accountable for their errors. Doctors and hospital staff are often so busy, overworked, fatigued, that they may overlook the smallest yet most crucial details.

When should I meet with an attorney about what happened?

As soon as you find out that a hospital accident occurred, call a hospital negligence lawyer Salt Lake City trusts who is familiar with such cases right away. There is no reason why you should wait to take action, especially when it comes to your health and wellbeing.  



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