Babies Those Who Sustained Birth Injuries May Need Chiropractic Care

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The entire process of coming through and out the womb can be a taxing experience for the newborn as well as the mother. Many women claim that giving birth can be quite painful, but all that withers away once you get to hold your newborn in your arms. It can be terrifying to imagine that the newborn had endured an injury during the birthing process or after delivery, but it can happen. Some babies may have sustained a birth injury, but show no external signs that this has happened. Many parents may talk with a chiropractor who has knowledge in pediatrics, to find out more about whether their baby can benefit from an adjustment.

What Causes Birth Trauma

Birth trauma and injury can occur for a variety of reasons. Every birth is unique, but with all deliveries there is always a chance that the baby may feel strain from the natural birth or c-section procedure. A chiropractor can assess the baby after birth, to determine whether the spinal cord is in misalignment. In general, factors that can contribute to birth injuries can include:

    • Very fast or prolonged delivery process
    • Mother being administered Pitocin to induce uterine contractions
    • The improper use of vacuum or forceps to extract baby
    • Cord had been wrapped around baby’s neck
  • Pulling, turning or twisting the baby in an unsafe way during delivery

Infant Safety During Chiropractic Treatments

The chances of an infant suffering an adverse effect from a chiropractic treatment is almost nonexistent. The infant is actually likely to remain asleep throughout the treatment, since the adjustment is so gentle he or she may not even notice anything has happened at all.

The Central Nervous System

The human body is comprised of a central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord. This system process all the functions that our body performs, including movements, sensory input, expressions, creativity, and more. When humans are of infant age, the central nervous system is in charge of growth. Infancy is the stage of life where the brain and sensors develop, and needs support from a healthy nervous system. Anytime that an infant’s spinal column is out of alignment, it can add pressure and tension on the nervous system. Birth trauma can quickly lead to nerve dysfunction, and infants may exhibit the following symptoms:

    • Difficulty breathing
    • Spitting up
    • Irritability/colic
    • Balance challenges
    • Problems nursing
    • Delayed growth milestones
  • Trouble sleeping

Spinal Elongation Stage

Within the first year after being born, an infant’s spine may elongate by around 50%. This is a pivotal time to ensure that the infant has a strong and healthy nervous system. A spinal column that is not in proper placement, can change the pressure balance of spinal bones are they are trying to grow, which can result in uneven bone development. During this time, an infant’s neck, back, mid-back and sacrum go through a growth spurt too. A baby’s spinal column curves may be at risk for not developing property if the spine is not placed back into proper alignment.