How and When To Report a Workplace Injury

Work Injury Lawyer

All workers should know about their employer’s workers’ comp program. Whether you recently suffered an injury while on the job, or you simply want to be prepared if that unfortunate event ever happens to you, you should know what to do. In addition to that, this simple guide will also answer one of the most important questions many workers’ have: When should you report your injury?

What To Do if Injured

  1. Seek medical attention – Your first priority should always be to get the medical aid you need. Do not try to report the injury while injured. In fact, you should not try to do anything before you go to the hospital.
  2. Report the injury – You simply need to tell your employer that you were injured. Depending on your place of employment or state, there may be a requirement for a more formal report, but typically you can simply informally tell your employer.
  3. Follow your employers’ instructions – From this point, it is your employer’s responsibility to file the claim. He or she may need more information from you, or need you to sign some paperwork, but for the most part, the wheels are already in motion.

When To Report the Injury

You should try to report the injury as soon as you are physically able to. Do not try to do it before seeking medical aid, but do not delay it longer than you need to either. There is a deadline to report, and if you miss the deadline, your case will likely be denied. There is also a deadline for your employer to file the claim, but that deadline is usually much more lenient than the time required for the worker to initially report the injury. The specific deadlines depend on individual state laws, but it is common for workers to have 30 days to report an injury, and one year for employers to file the claim.

The sooner you are able to report your injury, the better with the assistance of a work injury lawyer. This is because you will be able to receive your compensation sooner, but there are a few other reasons. It may weaken your case if you waited longer to report than you could have. It may make the injury appear less severe than it was. Additionally, reporting earlier makes it less likely that you will miss the deadline. Finally, do not fall into the pitfall of not reporting minor injuries. If they get worse over time, failing to report it initially may invalidate your workers’ comp.

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