Birth Injury Lawyers

In addition to filing claims on behalf of families, our lawyers represent parents in lawsuits against negligent physicians who harmed their baby. We can help your family recover damages from all of the following:

·         Costs for medical treatment that your family has already incurred, current costs, and future costs. Future costs can be significant, particularly if the birth injury is permanent or expected to take years for your child to recover.

·         Costs for physical therapy, physical rehabilitation, psychological counseling, and specialized healthcare devices for the home.

·         Costs for modifying your home to accommodate the current or future needs of your child due to their birth injury. Examples: installing a wheelchair ramp at the entrance of your home, widening of bathroom and bedroom doorways to accommodate wheelchair access, stairway lift purchase and installation, etc.

·         Costs for specialized equipment or vehicles such as a van with built-in wheelchair ramp and storage.

·         Costs for a full or part time home healthcare aide to care for your child, or the substitution of your previous wages should you stay home and care for your child yourself.

·         Costs in regard to the pain, suffering, and emotional distress that your child will experience throughout their lifetime due to their birth injury, and which your lawyers will assess in terms of a dollar value.

Can birth injury lawyers help me get justice after a negligent doctor hurt my child?

Not only can our birth injury lawyers help you get justice after your baby was harmed by a negligent doctor, we have seen firsthand how a successful lawsuit can help change the mindset of an entire group of medical care providers. The fact is, when a physician who was negligent in caring for their patient is punished by having to pay a significant settlement or jury award to the plaintiff, it sends a cautionary message to the entire medical community. This is turn can help to reduce future incidences of birth injuries. It also sets a precedence for future legal actions, paving an easier path for other families who find themselves in positions similar to what your family is going through right now. Should you decide to move forward with a claim or a lawsuit against a negligent medical provider, In fact, a claim against the physician, hospital, or other responsible care giver may be your family’s best and only hope for recovering your damages and making it possible to cover your financial losses.