Hiring a Lawyer When You’re Not at Fault

Some individuals are under the impression they won’t need to hire a lawyer unless they are at fault for an auto accident. Contrary to this belief, you could benefit from hiring a lawyer even when you’re not at fault. The following should help you understand why.

The Insurance Company

When dealing with insurance companies, it can get tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. The other driver’s insurance provider may contact you to talk you into accepting their offer as coverage for the accident. What you may not know is many insurance companies will not offer you as much as you could receive after going to court. It will be an amount high enough to entice you, but chances are the provider is simply trying to get rid of the case as quickly and affordably as possible. With a lawyer, you can navigate these types of situations.

Collecting Damages

There are a variety of damages you might be eligible to collect. Do you know what they are? Do you know which types apply to your specific situation? A lawyer can help you figure that out. Some common types of damages include:

  • Lost Wages – If you miss work while you’re recovering from injuries due to your crash, you could be eligible for lost wage compensation.
  • Reduced Earning – If your injuries decrease your ability to perform your job, causing a reduction in your regular earnings, you could qualify for this.
  • Future Medical Expenses – You can ask for compensation to cover any reasonable future medical expenses that can be tied to the accident.
  • Pain and Suffering – This could include damages such as mental anguish, insomnia, fear, inconvenience and even things such as losing enjoyment.
  • Punitive Damages – Punitive damages are often recovered only when you can prove the other driver was reckless in behavior.

Walking You Through the Process

If nothing else, a lawyer can walk you through the process following your accident. Though you were not at fault, the other party may try to claim you were. Your lawyer can help you present the right evidence to show you were the innocent party.

Getting Started

Whether you were already involved in an accident, or are just curious about what to do when you’re not at fault, contact an auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park, CA to learn more. With a legal representative in your court, you may feel more confident moving ahead with your insurance claim and/or the court process. Call your attorney today for more information.

Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg for their insight into car accident claims and hiring a lawyer when you’re not at fault.