Can I sue a nonprofit organization for a slip and fall injury?

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A serious slip and fall injury can result in long term consequences and the need to hire an attorney in order to recover one’s damages. Victims may hesitate to pursue this option if a nonprofit organization is at fault. The victim may assume that the nonprofit can’t be held liable, or else they do not want to take money from an organization that they support. If you suffered an injury from a slip and fall accident that will require costly medical treatment, regardless of whether or not it involves a nonprofit organization, talk to a lawyer. Without the insight of a skilled legal professional, you may not have all the facts about your case and your options for pursuing compensation to cover your injury costs. That could result in losing a significant amount of money that you may be eligible to receive. Call a law office to request a free case review with a slip and fall lawyer to learn more about your legal options.

What is a nonprofit organization?

A nonprofit organization is one that does not accrue profit for itself. Instead, the revenue it generates pays for its costs to operate, including employee wages and salaries, and the remaining funds are funneled to the organization’s goals or individuals. For instance, a nonprofit organization may use its proceeds to provide education, services, goods, or other things to those who cannot afford such costs on their own. Nonprofit organizations typically enjoy certain tax benefits and may be treated differently in other ways as well when compared to for-profit companies.

Can I sue a nonprofit organization for personal injury damages?

Any number of personal injury scenarios involving a nonprofit organization after a slip and fall accident are possible, and some are more common than others. When certain criteria are met, that individual has the legal right to seek compensation from the nonprofit equal to their damages. After a review of your case, a slip and fall injury lawyer can determine if you are eligible to file a claim against the nonprofit organization. Whether or not the circumstances surrounding your injury are similar to these examples, be sure to contact a law firm:

·         A volunteer or paid staff member of a nonprofit organization sustains a serious injury in a slip and fall accident on the organization’s property, or elsewhere during an event connected to the organization.

·         An individual who was visiting the nonprofit organization’s property or who was attending an event associated with the organization sustains a serious injury in a slip and fall accident.

·         A recipient of funds, services, or goods from the nonprofit organization sustains a serious injury in a slip and fall accident that was caused in some way by the organization or a member of their staff.

To learn whether or not your injury case meets the established legal criteria for filing a claim or lawsuit, contact a slip and fall lawyer in DC who can review your case at no charge.

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