Getting Medical Bills Paid After a Bicycle Accident

Personal Injury Lawyer

Some accidents are simply unavoidable, but paying every cent you bring in to your medical providers can be avoided in some situations. If you were in a bicycle accident, you may wonder what your options are for getting your medical bills paid. The following are some ideas to get you started.

Health Insurance

If you were injured on your bike during an accident that was your fault and did not involve a car or another person, your health insurance should kick in to compensate you for medical bills. Before you file your claim, it’s important you speak with your doctor about every injury, including possible future issues you’ll deal with as a result. You want every last injury to be covered, including long-term care if necessary.

Auto Insurance

Some auto insurance policies cover you no matter what type of “vehicle” you are driving. It’s worth looking into your auto insurance policy to see if there’s any coverage you can take advantage of following an accident on your bike.

If your bicycle accident involved a car and it was the driver’s fault, his or her auto insurance should cover your medical bills. Speak with an attorney to ensure you receive all the compensation you deserve.

Payment Plans

If you don’t have proper insurance coverage, it’s possible your medical providers will work with you. Speak with a representative from each medical office at which you received care. Explain your situation and see what they can do as far as a payment plan goes.

Some offer a 12 month plan where you can make smaller payments throughout the year without incurring interest. Others give a discount for patients who pay for each appointment with cash at the time of care. Every medical office is different, and it’s worth looking in to what you can work out.

A Lawsuit

If your injuries were sustained as a result of the negligence of another party, it’s possible you could have a legal case against them. Contact your lawyer to learn what your options are. For example, if you were biking in the bike lane and hit a pothole, which resulted in a crash and injuries, you could have a case against the company contracted by the city to repair potholes in a timely manner.

Contacting Your Attorney Today

Whether you have insurance, are working on a payment plan or want to sue a third party, an auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park, CA can help. Contact yours today to get started down the right path toward financial recovery after your bicycle accident.

Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg for their insight into personal injury claims and medical bills after a bicycle accident.