Social Security Benefits Questions

An attorney has answered many questions during an appointment with clients who are interested in applying for social security disability benefits. The entire process can be time-consuming and frustrating, which is why we have dedicated our practice to helping those truly in need of support. Here are examples of questions our clients tend to ask us. If after reading the information below you have more questions, all you have to do is call!

What does it mean if my disability benefits are frozen?

A person may have gaps in their employment history, or times when they make less money than in the recent past due to their condition. As a result, these gaps may cause those under social security disability to have less monthly benefits. So, the SSA fixes this problem by freezing the disability claim temporarily, until they can decide what the monthly payments should be. 

What if I move to another state and I currently have disability benefits?

Rest assured knowing that you won’t have to apply again for social security disability benefits if you relocate to another state. What you need to do is contact your nearest SSA office and inform them of your new address, so you can continue to receive disability checks (if you don’t have direct deposit set up). 

Is it possible to file an appeal if the SSA wants to terminate my benefits?

Receiving a notice that your benefits are going to be terminated can be enough to throw any person into a panic. An attorney at [law firm name] can understand that you probably need these payments in order to continue paying for the necessities of living, hence why you applied for these benefits in the first place. You do have time to submit an appeal, but it’s important to act quickly. After the notice is sent, you will likely still get your benefits for another 60 days. And you must file an appeal within a week and a half after the notice (10 days). 

Do only physical disabilities qualify under SSA standards?

No, cognitive and mental health illnesses also qualify for benefits, under the Social Security Administration standards. The SSA provides a list of conditions that are eligible for benefits, but if you have something that is disabling not on that list, you can still apply and potentially get approved for assistance. If you were diagnosed with a severe mental health illness, then it must be disabling enough that you are unable to work.

After filing an appeal for a claim denial, what happens next?

Applicants who had their claim denied will have two months from the date listed on the denial letter to file a reconsideration request. Once you have submitted your appeal, the SSA sends your case to another certified examiner for disabilities for an evaluation. Statistically, only about 16% of those who file an appeal are approved for social security disability benefits. That is why it is imperative to get legal guidance from the very start, to ensure you are bringing the strongest case forward. 

Contact an attorney, like a social security lawyer in Memphis TN, today to find out more about your eligibility for social security disability benefits. 

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