3 Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Some accidents result in minor bumps and bruises. Whether it is from a car crash or a fall at work, you may continue about your day without any more than a feeling of embarrassment. However, as the hours or days go on, you may start to notice that your body feels sore or that finding the right words is suddenly more difficult. In some instances, the brain may be trying to tell you something. Even if you don’t believe the accident was serious, your brain may have sustained some damage. Whether temporary or something much worse, any damage to the brain may cause certain signs and symptoms. Learn more about some of the signs that you may have a traumatic brain injury.

Head Pain

The most obvious sign that your brain has been hurt is a headache. You may not think it is a big deal if you get a sudden onset of head pain in the hours after an incident. You may attribute it to stress. However, the telling sign of a deeper issue is if the pain gets increasingly worse. Even with over the counter medicine, you may notice that the pain doesn’t go away. If you also start to feel nauseous, have extreme fatigue, or feel dizzy, your brain may have been impacted.

Changes in Memory

When the brain has been damaged, even slightly, it can show itself in odd ways. One of the things you should be on the lookout for is a change in your memory. If you normally have a fairly good memory and you suddenly don’t, your brain may be dealing with some damage. Short term memory is usually the first thing you may notice has changed. That may be because the part of the brain responsible for saving memories is compromised. While this is not always irreversible, depending on what kind of injury the brain sustained, it may be a life-altering development.

Severe Mood Swings

Emotions run high after an accident, but do yours feel extreme? When the brain’s emotional center is hurt, you may start to experience severe mood changes. This means that you may feel elated one minute and extremely angry the next. You may find yourself in tears for no reason and then laughing just as quickly. These mood changes are usually noticed first by those closest to you. If this is happening, you should see a doctor immediately.

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