Slip and Falls in The State of Texas

At some point in time just about every living person has either slipped or fallen. Although slipping or falling may seem like a common occurrence it can lead to a lot of damage. Not only physically but mentally as well. Throughout this blog, I will be discussing what exactly a dangerous slip or fall can look like, how Texas law deals with this, and how to know if you need an attorney. 

To start with knowing when a slip or fall is damaging enough to file a legal claim may be difficult. However, after looking at an example being able to spot the difference will become much easier. For instance, say an employee at a grocery store sees a puddle on the ground near the front entrance. This puddle has been caused by a leak in the store’s ceiling, but the employee ignores it and fails to put up a “caution wet floor” sign. Then later on in the day, a person decides to buy a couple of groceries from that same store. Upon entering the building, the person slips and falls on the same puddle of water that the employee saw. Now, a person has a broken arm. This specific event has the grounds to have a personal injury claim filed against the store by the person who was injured. This situation is an applicable example because the puddle left on the floor was not only caused by an issue with the infrastructure of the building but was also neglected by an employee. Generally, this is how most people end up filing a personal injury claim when it pertains to slips and falls, but what about in the state of Texas?

In the state of Texas, things get a lot more particular when it comes to personal injury law, especially when dealing with slips and falls. Legally if a person slips and falls, they can file a claim and seek compensation for their injuries. Despite this, Texas is not as lenient as other states when it comes to gaining compensation from personal injury claims. While in other states, slip and fall cases are considered in the realm of personal injury law. Texas has a specific category for them under the personal injury umbrella known as premises liability cases. Mainly for Texas, an attorney is needed for slip and fall cases. Once they take your case, they’ll be able to tell if you can file a personal injury claim based on if negligence from an owner or employee caused the slip and fall to occur. If this criterion is not met a person cannot receive compensation for their slip and fall on a legal basis in the state of Texas. But there is no reason to worry. If you are seeking an attorney for representation when filing a personal injury claim for a slip and fall many attorneys in Texas specialize in this kind of law and are willing to help.
Slip and fall cases are no stranger to the laws that are implemented today. These kinds of cases happen more than you may think, on average 25% of slip and falls result in serious injury, most of them having to do with brain damage. Whether a person may want to seek an attorney to answer their questions about an experience they’ve had with slipping or falling or even if they want to file a personal injury claim, a lawyer will be able to help. For the duration of this excerpt, I have written about what exactly a dangerous slip and fall is, how the Texas law deals with these situations, and when an attorney is needed. If you are looking for compensation for your slip or fall don’t hesitate. Talk to a personal injury lawyer from a firm like Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC, and ask about filing a personal injury claim today.