How a Chiropractic Injury Lawyer Could Help You

Chiropractic injury lawyers help men, women, elderly, and families who have suffered harm because of the negligent actions made by a chiropractor. Though chiropractic care can work well for some, others find themselves in worse shape after seeing a chiropractor. 

A History of Chiropractic Care and Its Possible Risks

Chiropractic care can be traced back to the late 1800s, when Daniel David Palmer introduced a new technique to manipulate the neck and spine. Palmer had little to no formal medical training or background. However, he thought that the brain and nervous system had an important role in maintaining the health of the body. He also reasoned that pain and illnesses were primarily caused by blockages in the nervous system, and these blockages were because of a spinal misalignment. With this theory, he created a method that corrected misalignments — these were called subluxations. 

Today, there is better evidence to suggest that Palmer might have been on to something. The chiropractic profession is now a recognized medical treatment and even covered by insurance companies. Chiropractors generally must go to an undergraduate school and may then be required to attend a graduate program for chiropractic care. In some states, they can attend chiropractic colleges instead. 

Chiropractors cannot write prescriptions or perform surgery. Furthermore, their education is more limited than a general practitioner. Finally, chiropractors are not required to go through a residency program (there are state requirements, however). Because the requirements for becoming a chiropractor vary by state, it can lead to some having limited experience and education in their profession. 

This reading material is not intended to suggest that chiropractors cannot help a person, nor does it mean that they are not educated. However, they generally do not have as much medical training and experience as qualified medical doctors. As a result, there may be a greater risk of injury. 

Chiropractic Adjustments Could Cause a Stroke

One of the primary concerns with chiropractic adjustments is the fact that they could cause a stroke. For this to occur, the neck must be forced, jerked, or manipulated suddenly causing one of the arteries to become torn. Once torn, the area could bleed and eventually clot. Over time — often several days or weeks — the blood clot can pass through the back of the head and up into the brain where a stroke could occur. A patient could experience a broad range of strokes, which could result in permanent or life threatening harm. 

Contact an Attorney

There is no known number for the amount of people who have suffered a stroke after chiropractic care. This is likely because the stroke tends to happen long after the adjustment; therefore, the victim or their loved ones fail to make the connection. Anyone who has seen a chiropractor and had a stroke should consider speaking with an attorney for further advice. A lawyer can review your case and help you to determine whether or not the chiropractors’ negligent actions led to the stroke. Call a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from Patterson Bray, to see if you might have a case.