Examples of Personal Injury Accidents

Accidents happen everyday, and aren’t a rarity. However, when another individual or entity caused the accident to unfold, then it may necessitate contacting a lawyer so the victim can receive fair compensation. Examples of personal injury accidents are listed below:

Vehicle Accidents

Anytime that another person’s negligence has injured another, they should be held accountable through a personal injury claim. Vehicle accidents refer to tractor-trailers, boats, motorcycles, buses, airplanes, elevated trains, mo-peds, scooters, and trains. Additionally, pedestrians who are injured by a vehicle while traveling on foot may have grounds for receiving restitution. 

Slip and Fall Accident

You may have fallen while visiting a property, such as the grocery store, shopping mall, museum, or friend’s house. If the building owner was aware of hazards that could put visitors at risk and failed to fully address the problem, they may be held responsible for the victim’s injury and losses. 

Animal Bites

Not every pet owner is responsible, and it may cause someone else to get hurt. Sometimes animals may be aggressive due to poor training, the urge to protect, or from a prey drive instinct. Anyone who was attacked or bitten by an animal may have reason to file a claim against the owner for their injuries. 

Medical Malpractice

Doctors and nurses often go into the medical field to cure people and alleviate suffering. But medical professionals are people too, and mistakes can happen. When they do and a patient was greatly harmed because of it, the victim may choose to sue the treating doctor, medical facility, and/or other staff who contributed to the malpractice occurring. 

Wrongful Death

When someone dies due to the negligence or recklessness of another, the victim’s surviving family may choose to sue for wrongful death. These types of claims are similar to other personal injury lawsuits, except that they tend to be more complex and sensitive in nature, and requires a reputable lawyer to handle it with care. 

There are many more examples of personal injury accidents that exceed the list above. For help after a recent accident where someone else at-fault, consider calling a personal injury lawyer, like one from Therman Law Offices, LTD