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Our criminal lawyers are questioned all of the time about judge shopping. What is judge shopping? Do you do it? How does it work? Etc. The important thing to note here, is that as criminal defense attorneys our focus is on getting the best possible result for your situation. This is based on the particular facts surrounding your situation, the legal issues that present themselves, and if it comes down to a suppression motion, a plea, or a jury trial, the person hearing the case or judge is a vital part of this process. Don’t get us wrong, the district attorney’s office does the same thing and there are some judges both the state and our criminal lawyers agree on that would not be appropriate to hear your case. It’s funny the way it all works because there are judges out there who both sides would rather never have in court because they are rude, they’re overly demanding, irritable or any number of problematic personality traits that would just make appearing in front of them unbearable. Learn more from our friends at  Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law by reading more below!

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Judge shopping is all about finding the best judge for your case. Some judges can never say the words ‘not guilty’ in a DWI case. Some have the same issues with domestic violence or assault on a female charges. What good would it do you to have your case in front of a judge that could only convict you? The same holds true for sentencing. Some judges lock people up every single time for larceny, shoplifting and theft cases. Imagine walking into a courtroom and knowing what would happen before it did. Our criminal defense attorneys know this information ahead of time because we’ve appeared in front of these judges in district and superior court more times than one can count. If a case is on for sentencing, we’re going to do everything we can to put your case in front of the best possible judge for the crime you’re alleged to have committed. We don’t want to put you in front of a judge that’s going to max you out with jail time or give you an extremely lengthy period of probation just because that’s what they do.

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Would you rather have a judge send you to jail or give you community service? That’s the difference a judge makes and that’s the difference say one week of court can make. Why wouldn’t we find the judge that’s going to look after your interests and not sentence you harshly. Criminal defense attorneys know how to navigate the court system to put your case in the best situation possible. “I’ll take light sentencer for $500, Alex.” We know that’s what you want, we just can’t say that’s what we’re doing. DA’s, judges, other defense attorneys, all know how to judge shop, all do it, but we all pretend as if we’re not doing it.

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Judge shopping is a common part of the court process. Our criminal defense attorneys know this process backwards and forwards. If you or someone you know has criminal charges and is in need of top rated criminal lawyers, contact one today.  A law firm will do everything they can to help you navigate the difficult waters of a criminal case. We give their criminal defense attorneys our highest recommendation.