Slip and Fall

Local Firefighter Springs Into Action

In October 2022, a local firefighter sprung into action and saves his girlfriend’s life after they were involved in a fiery crash on the highway. Bryan Aparicio is a firefighter with Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue who had to put his training to the test when he and his girlfriend, Su, were involved in a car crash when a car drove into their Uber’s fuel tank, causing it to catch on fire. 

When the incident occurred, the couple was on Interstate 95 in Delray Beach, heading towards a cruise. After the initial shock, Bryan acted by opening the door, only to be met with a thick wall of flames. The door by his girlfriend was also surrounded by flames. While he doesn’t recall this part of the incident, Aparicio kicked out a window in the backseat so he and his girlfriend could exit. Upon exiting the vehicle, he heard his girlfriend scream, so he went inside to rescue her, burning his arms, legs, face, and hands during the process. 

Both of them were rushed to the hospital and now have burn injuries. Bryan suffered second and third-degree burns throughout his body, while his girlfriend suffered second and third-degree burns on her hands and legs. Bryan has already been through one procedure, while his girlfriend will need surgery. While the firefighter has a job with benefits, his girlfriend doesn’t, prompting his colleagues to make a GoFundMe. In October, the GoFundMe amassed over 50,000 dollars. 

While this figure sounds like a good start, recovering from severe burns can require a lot of money. Additionally, victims following a car crash of any kind should be compensated for factors like pain and suffering, lost wages, emotional distress, temporary or permanent disfigurements, etc. It’s unclear what caused the vehicle to hit the Uber, but following a car crash, the negligent party and their insurance company can be liable to compensate the victims. 

Unfortunately, seeking compensation can be difficult, and even when the other party’s insurance company is willing to offer a settlement, the amount they offer may not be enough to pay for treatment. When these issues occur, hiring a personal injury lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is a smart idea. 

The right attorney can help affected parties receive the necessary compensation. For cases like this, it’s not uncommon for a person’s insurance company to try to offer an inadequate settlement that doesn’t begin to cover a person’s needs properly. A personal injury lawyer can more accurately calculate the compensation a victim should receive and use legal pressure to get these results. While negotiating with the insurance company alone can be extremely difficult, they’re more likely to listen when your attorney is arguing on your behalf. Additionally, many personal injury lawyers operate off of a contingency basis fee. This means that you don’t have to pay any upfront fees. Instead, your lawyer gets a percentage of your final settlement or court award. 

If you face a similar issue like Bryan Aparicio and his girlfriend Su, then you can contact Dave Albo – Attorney today.