Top Myths About Special Needs Trusts

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The worry about your child’s future can be overwhelming when they have a disability. It can leave you up at night worrying about how they will be taken care of when you are gone. As our wrongful death lawyer knows, an accident can happen at any time, therefore having a plan is a great way to ease your worries, but it can be daunting. 

In most cases, a life care plan for a disabled child involves a supplemental needs trust, also known as an SNT. This is a legal document that is meant to benefit a disabled individual while allowing them to still qualify for certain governmental benefits. Since most benefits have strict financial restrictions, this trust allows your child to have a way to cover various things without losing anything. 

Yet with anything, there are plenty of myths about them.  

Myth # 1: It’s Too Expensive 

This is a common myth that many people fall for. Yes, there is a cost to get a trust made for your child, but it is affordable. Before you decide to settle on a lawyer, ask them how much the process might cost. It is a great way to be able to understand how much it will be before you settle. Knowing that this will help your child live happily in the future is well worth the cost. 

Myth #2: Their Siblings Will Take Care of Them 

A very sad truth is often the child with disabilities is left with nothing after the parents die. Their siblings are often left with everything and care instructions. This is a recipe for disaster. Siblings once grown often have their own plans and want to start their own lives. There is a chance that they won’t be able to afford to care for their disabled sibling as well. Setting up a trust with specific instructions is a way to avoid conflict and prepare the family for what comes next. 

Myth #3: Trust Are Only for the Wealthy

This is false. This might have been the case years ago, but not now. Most families can set up a trust for their loved ones with little to no problem. Often parents will have life insurance policies and these can be available to your children to help retain their quality of life after your passing. While the cost may be upfront, it works out in the long run to have one. 

Myth #4: It’s Too Soon 

It is never too soon to plan for your family. Many people wait until the very last second before setting everything up. Starting early allows you to talk to your family, the right professionals, and plan for how things will work. There will be far less stress than if you are doing this at an older age.

Planning for your death is not a fun thing to think about. According to a special needs trust lawyer with our friends at W. B Moore law, talking with a lawyer is important because it allows you the ability to have a plan for your loved one so you don’t have to worry about what happens after you’re gone.