Acquired Brain Injury Lawyer Miami, FL

Acquired Brain Injury Lawyer Miami, FL

Given the high costs of medical treatment and the difficulties associated with recovery, anyone who has suffered a brain injury due to the negligence of another should consider speaking to an acquired brain injury lawyer Miami, FL knows and trusts. Doing so can help ensure that you receive any compensation to which you may be entitled as a result of your injuries. 

Understanding the Different Terms for Brain Injury

They used to be called concussions by almost everyone. But thanks to advancements in medical research and a growing public awareness, most of us are familiar with the term traumatic brain injury. In this context, “traumatic” refers to a physical force striking the head.

There are also non-traumatic brain injuries (NTBIs), meaning that the brain was injured by something other than blunt force. Often, NTBIs are caused by a medical condition such as a brain tumor, an infectious disease, a stroke or an aneurysm. There are instances in which an NTBI could be caused by an accident or the negligence of another person. Examples include:

·        A near-drowning accident

·        Near-fatal suffocation that cuts off the oxygen supply to the brain

·        A choking incident that cuts off oxygen

There is one more term to understand: acquired brain injury. A brain injury is considered “acquired” if it occurred after birth and was not hereditary, degenerative or tied to a birth injury. Under this definition, the vast majority of brain injuries (traumatic and non-traumatic) are acquired.

Personal Injury Claims for Acquired Brain Injuries

As a brain injury lawyer Miami, FL trusts would tell you, brain injuries are not always predictable or preventable. That being said, a significant percentage of acquired brain injuries are the result of another person’s negligence. You or a loved one could suffer a TBI or NTBI as the result of:

·        A car accident

·        An assault or other violent altercation

·        A sports injury

·        A near-drowning accident in a pool with no gate to keep young children out

·        A toy with small parts that creates a choking hazard for young kids

·        Carbon monoxide poisoning in your home caused by a malfunctioning gas appliance and left undetected because of a malfunctioning CO alarm

In any of these cases, if the injury were caused by negligence, it would be grounds to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. And because brain injuries can be so devastating and expensive, litigation may be necessary. Insurance companies frequently deny or underpay legitimate claims, especially when it comes to something as costly as a brain injury. Therefore, even if you are offered a claim settlement by the insurer, it may be inadequate to cover your costs.

You Have Legal Options – Call Us Today

The experienced Florida personal injury team at Needle & Ellenberg, P.A., wants to hear your story and to discuss your legal options with you. If your family has been devastated by a traumatic or non-traumatic brain injury caused by negligence, please contact a Miami, FL acquired brain injury lawyer at our firm today; we look forward to speaking with you.